Welcome to Villa Poggio Bartoli

Tuscan shades soothe the soul.

A sweet harmony of natural parkland, ancient trees and a multitude of colorful flowers define the beauty of this place; paradise, just a stone's throw away from Florence, this charming country Villa "Poggio Bartoli" luxury resort, is framed in one of the world's most beautiful settings.

For centuries the villa was the country residence of Florence's most noble families in the Medici entourage. Today it has been transformed into a luxury resort and event location where ancient tradition sits alongside modern comforts. An unique ambience created by the elegance of the salons, wonderfully furnished suites, perfectly situated pool, and parkland with 400 year old cedar trees.

The resort is the quintessence of relax making your holiday the most memorable… You will have the experience of stepping back in time, horses and carriages will 'trot' you down leafy lanes and show you some breath taking views of the surrounding countryside.

Spectacular falconry flight shows will add an exciting note; here at Villa Poggio Bartoli falcons, eagles, kestrels and owls are the real 'lords of the manor'.

The resort also has a beautifully newly restored spa and wellness centre, equipped with steam room, Swedish sauna, special sensation showers, jacuzzi, massage rooms and relax area. The staff at the centre are all qualified beauticians and masseurs who are able to offer our guests the latest treatments as well as being able to personalize guests treatments.

Arrivi e non capisci come mai i pensieri brutti se ne vanno via... rimane solo la meraviglia.
Non ci sono parole. Si può solo andare e vivere.

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