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‘Begin your day with a hug, a kiss and a coffee, because you should always eat a good breakfast…’

Breakfast at Villa Poggio Bartoli Country Resort is absolutely the best way to start the day, when the night is done and making way for the new day to begin, with the sun filtering through the branches of the century-old cedar tree and gently warming the broad terrace, and with the scents of morning mingling with the smells from a Tuscan breakfast.

A tradition that reflects the work of the countryside and the pace of life there; the pleasure of a hearty, wholesome breakfast to sustain it, made from natural ingredients transformed into an explosion of colours and flavours.

An ample spread every morning, providing the simple excellence of the Tuscan breakfast; various types of bread baked overnight in a country oven, flatbread to eat with our local cured meats, homemade Tuscan prosciutto, salami and fennel sausage, and great little delicacies like the barzotto briaco.

Colazioni a Villa Poggio Bartoli

Colazioni a Villa Poggio Bartoli

A choice of Tuscan cheeses will be ready and waiting for you every morning; a wide selection you'll find it hard to resist.Our kitchen turns out delectable savoury tarts, filled wraps and a variety of bruschettas with olive oil and tomatoes from the kitchen garden.

The kitchen garden beside the perimetre wall of the villa also supplies us with fresh organic vegetables every morning, grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers, ready to be eaten in their fresh, natural state or transformed into dishes for connoisseurs of vegetarian food.

Our cook Eugenio will delight any sweet tooth with her delicious cakes, such as apple and carrot, and tarts made with jams from Mugello, and locally-produced yoghurt and honey to delight your tastebuds.Our staff are on hand to prepare real cappuccino, Italian espresso or americano coffee, hot chocolate and tea or herbal tea, all carefully prepared with the same coffee machine that's famous in bars the world over.

The juice and tea corner offers a variety that can satisfy any choice you care to make. And finally, a special section of the buffet is given over to preparing omelettes, pancakes and crepes, filled with Nutella, honey, jam, prosciutto or cheese. Altogether, we're convinced that a good breakfast is the start to a good day, and we're delighted to give you the best possible start.

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