Villa Poggio Bartoli

You can fly…

Falconry plays an important part in the history of many cultures.

This important tradition has been preserved by being passed down through the hands of a few individuals, passionate people with the diligence and commitment it takes to live and work with these magnificent creatures; it's a sentiment that with expert guidance can be passed down with the same energy to others for whom this unparalleled world is as yet unexplored, or totally unknown.

Even a previous interest can be stimulated and revived, encouraged to grow and develop an interest that can just as easily be nurtured in young people too, and even children with activities specially designed for them, they can be taught to understand and appreciate the majestic beauty of birds of prey.

Falconry for children at Villa Poggio Bartoli

Falconry for children at Villa Poggio Bartoli

They will observe them at close quarters, make contact with them, enter into a new and different world and they will do it with the wide-eyed wonder of those at the early stages of thier lives, and the spectacles, phenomena and mysteries life has to offer, fascinated by the power of an ancient art in an historic setting, with these unique, intelligent creatures, on a journey to a past time that is impressively reinvented in the present.

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