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Spring and relax
The holiday package: 1 night for 2 adults typical buffet breakfast 1 hours in Spa with free use of Swedish Sauna, steam room, special sensation shower and relax room free wi-fi From April 29 2016 to June 30 2016  € 130,00  per person according to availability For book or for more information please se…
Time may stand still here but we don't
The Holiday package includes : 1 night per 2 adult in classic suite typical buffet breakfast 1 carriage tour (1 hour) free wi-fi Valid from April 29 2016  to June 30 2016  € 140,00 per person according to availability For booking or for more information please send a mail at info@villapo…
Villa Poggio Bartoli Country Resort: choose your wing holiday
The holiday package includes: 1 night in family suite (2 adults + 2 children) typical buffet breakfast free wi-fi 1 hour of  Falconry course for all the family Valid from April 29 2017  to June 30 2017  € 80,00 per person according to availibility For booking or for any information pleas…
Horse riding in Tuscany hills ....
The package includes: - one night for 2 people in deluxe room  - typical buffet breakfast  - wifi free - free use of swimming people and free towels  - 1 hour horse riding two persons Valid from April 29 2017  to June 30 2017 € 110,00 per person  according to availibility …


«Quant'è bella giovinezza,
Che si fugge tuttavia!
Chi vuol esser lieto, sia:
di doman non c’è certezza»

(Lorenzo de' Medici, Canti Carnascialeschi, Canzona di Bacco)


Lorenzo il Magnifico was inspired to write these lines where today the falconers of Villa Poggio Bartoli Country Resort revive the intense experience of the ancient art of falconry. Here in the authentic heart of Tuscany, eagles falcons kestrels and owls are the real protagonists.

The resort park is a protected area for these birds of prey and offers guests a unique experience to witness something spectacular. Admire how the birds fly from the falconer's gloved hand soar high up into the air and return gracefully at his call.


We offer guests the following :

  • Falconry flight exhibitions in the park of the Villa: permanent exhibitions of birds include falcons kestrels eagles and owls which are also positioned on stands around the grounds as well as the gloved hands of the falconer's during banquets and evening events. The birds are perfectly trained and represent a distinctive and unique element to any event.

  • Stunning falconry flying displays and simulations of hawk hunting at high and low flight levels.

  • Private hawk hunting on a private reserve: proposed for a minimum of 5 people and includes a reserve hunt of pheasant and partridge and by request the resort can organize a hare hunt with dogs, supplied by the Villa Poggio Bartoli Country Resort.

Guests will be assisted by expert falconers at all times during the hunt and they will be able to participate actively, by holding the birds on their arms until the decisive moment of the flight to the game. Not only can participants admire the the free flight of the falcons but also the experience and intensity of the hawk hunting.

Guests will also have exclusive access to the hunting lodges situated around the reserve.

For further information visit Gentilis Florentiae.


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