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Organic vegetable garden

The growing sensibility and awareness of the environment has encouraged us to cultivate our own natural herb and vegetable garden.

Chemical free our cultivation respects fully the environment and as such is wholly organic. All the vegetables which Eugenio uses in his dishes come from the herb garden as such all menus are created depending on what we have in the garden every morning.

L'orto naturale di Villa Poggio Bartoli

But that's not all: we work the earth according to traditional farming methods using ploughs and plough horses which we feel complete the philosophy of being at one with nature.

Owner of the resort, Antonio Lippi's preoccupation with farming authenticity and not rural imitation is at the basis of everything we do here at Poggio Bartoli.

Every morning guests may help out in the herb and vegetable garden, staff will provide the necessary tools and equipment. Guests may also pick vegetables and fruit from the gardens and orchards any time during the day and take them into the kitchen to prepare a delicious snack or ask them to be included in their lunch or diner.

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