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Painting classes

Giotto di Bondone was born in 1267 in Vespignano, Vicchio and died in Florence in 1337. He was both painter and architect and though little is actually known about his life it was almost certain he was a student of Cimabue.

According to tradition he was a prodigious child and entered the "bottega del maestro" Cimabue in Florence at a very early age; according to Giorgio Vasari, Giotto's father realised how talented his young son was when he saw how realistic his drawings of some sheep were, however, there does not seem to be any documented source for this claim.

Corsi di pittura a Villa Poggio Bartoli

The works of Giotto were of fundamental importance for the future development of Italian art and european art in general: the two dimensional Byzantine figurative style was abandoned and the human figure took form in a volumetric space.

“Credette Cimabue nella pittura / tener lo campo, e ora ha Giotto il grido, si la fama di colui è sicura”.

This is how the florentine poet Dante Alighieri cited Giotto in his Divina Commedia (XI canto in Purgatorio). Dante's lines show the role, Giotto the artist assumed as the most renowned of the medieval era.

Villa Poggio Bartoli is located in the birthplace of Giotto; a passion for art encouraged us to create a little art academy for painting, and so we offer painting classes for both children and adults in the area, inspired by the beautiful landscapes that our countryside offers. The same scenes which inspired great painters of the past.

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