Villa Poggio Bartoli


Our passion for horses and carriages here at Villa Poggio Bartoli is something we take pride in sharing. More than a passion it is a way of life here.

Our horses require constant round the clock attention however we are gratified with something worth so much more: horses give us moments which remain etched in our minds and in our hearts.

Experiencing a sunset over the mugello on horseback is one of those memorable moments we would like to share with our guests together with the enjoyment of a lazy carriage drive down quiet country lanes.

Horses and carriages at Villa Poggio Bartoli

This new — yet ancient — way of travelling is a unique way of experiencing and discovering places of interest and beauty, which allows you to admire them fully.

Travelling with history (in the carriage) through history (the ancient hills and towns of the Mugello), passing by the Cimabue bridge where Giotto the boy met and impressed the Florentine maestro (artist). The visit is made all the more suggestive by the approach to the bridge in a vintage carriage.

The lazy pace, the sound of hooves and the scent of the countryside make an open top carriage drive a superlatively special moment. Stopping off for a quick chat with one of the local farmers is always a simple but pleasant experience. More than anything the carriage drive slows the pace of things down enough to be able to sit back and really relax and appreciate life.

Antonio's beloved horses and precious collection of vintage carriages are at the disposal of guests. Vintage carriages in the collection are adapt for all types of drives; carriages for a romantic drive, carriages for a picnic lunch with friends as well as elegant ceremonial carriages for special occasions.

Horses and carriages at Villa Poggio Bartoli

For those who wish to take hold of the reins for themselves and learn ancient art of carriage driving we organise courses. We also offer a unique experience to riders and carriage drivers who wish to combine the pleasure of their holiday with the passion of their hobby.

The Villa offers the service of the stables and the comfort of all its facilities to guests who need to board their own horses or house carriages while simply visiting the Mugello valley or planning an extended stay in the splendid city of Florence.

The Villa also arranges extensive horse trekking in the surrounding countryside for riders with a specialized riding school in the area.

Horses and carriages at Villa Poggio Bartoli

Horses indeed play an important role in the day to day running of the estate. Our plough horses are an integral part in the cultivating of the earth, as ancient tradition requires. They work the land around the estate where organic wheat grains and fresh vegetables are grown. Our agricultural policy is simple: put only good into the earth and you will receive only good back. This is why we use natural composts and fertilizers which the horses on the estate help produce.