Villa Poggio Bartoli

Truffle hunting

The truffle world for art and tradition has always been shrouded in a veil of mystery. The protagonists, truffle hunters themselves and sellers have added to this fascinating myth with stories of the moon, trickery, and misty glade settings.

Caccia al tartufo a Villa Poggio Bartoli

The truffle is the maximum expression of the Italian cooking and more: fragrant, inebriating seductive and for many aphrodisiacal, the truffle gives nobility and originality to any dish. Master truffle hunters will guide guests through the pleasant experience of a truffle hunt which can be extremely satisfying regardless of the quantity and quality of truffles found.

The true truffle hunter appreciates solitude, silence companionship of his canine friend in contact with nature.

Out to "pasture" which in truffle hunters' terms is the place where the truffles are, means becoming one with it, almost invisible . The world of the truffle hunter is made up of here-say and " colorful " stories told twisted and passed on to show the "bravura" of the hunter and his dog. Truffling hunting is a passion which gradually becomes an art.