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The chef

Eugenio is our cook in command. She has been dedicated to the mastery of Tuscan farmhouse cooking for years.

Cooking is not a job for Eugenio, it's a passion. Each and every recipe is the fruit of experimenting  tasting and perfectioning each dish, making sure our country kitchen respects the age old traditions of Tuscan cooking.

We believe the strength of our country kitchen lies in the simplicity of its dishes. Simplicity is the grounding of genuine Italian food and in particular Tuscan food, an explosion of flavour from no more than 8 ingredients at any one given time.

Eugenio believes in quality rather than complexity; all the ingredients are picked from our own vegetable garden, raised on the farmyard or procured from local farmers' markets.

Gastronomia a Villa Poggio Bartoli Country Resort

Gastronomia a Villa Poggio Bartoli Country Resort

All the recipes have been taken from grandma's book; Eugenio prepares everything according to the book… from bruschette aglio e olio (singularly Tuscan) crostoni and fegatini to freshly made pasta served with delicious homemade sauces.

All the meat we serve comes from our farm, including our infamous bistecca alla fiorentina Among the delicious aromas coming from the country kitchen; la pappa al pomodoro, Tuscan stews, soups, Tuscan cheeses lovingly matched with homemade preserves, all of which will help you discover and rediscover flavours of once upon a time.

And then after all that… the sweet stuff! Typically Tuscan, cantuccini di Prato, apple pies and sponge cakes. Simple genuine ingredients worked with love, transformed and baked into works of art.¬†

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