Villa Poggio Bartoli


The terrace of the villa is located right outside the north door.

It is a location much loved by our guests for organising lunches and dinners and, even at the hottest times of year, the splendid marquee shades the whole area and guarantees excellent lighting even on the darkest evenings.

The location is very impressive even for dinners because beautiful sunsets can be enjoyed every evening directly from the terrace.

The terrace is completely surrounded by an ancient wrought iron fence and has direct access to the kitchen area; in the centre there is an ancient well in the upper part of which a cascade of flowers is placed, while a pot of flowers is placed on each side.

The terrace is large (13 metres by 18) and is therefore suitable for hosting many different types of activities in an elegant and refined setting.

The activities we offer include conferences, team building, somellier courses, cultural events, concerts, art exhibitions, company dinners, product launches, gala dinners and meetings, weddings and business dinners.