Villa Poggio Bartoli


At the request of our guests, we can offer a housekeeping service. Every morning - according to your needs - our staff can intervene to clean and service the bedrooms, living rooms and the kitchen.

The role of housekeeper is one of particular importance and responsibility for which we insist on up-to-date and specialist training.

Our staff has thorough knowledge of the entire villa and is capable of working quickly and discreetly.

Our professional housekeepers will take care of every detail including cleaning and tidying throughout, ensuring that guests enjoy an overall perception of the quality of the structure on arrival.

In addition to the work of our housekeepers, every morning our gardener will tend the garden, check the pool, the proper functioning of all the sprinklers installed and cater for all the needs of the grounds.

The gardener's profession demands passion and, on arrival, our guests will immediately sense how much loving care is given in maintaining the Villa Poggio Bartoli garden.

The service is provided on request: if you are interested, please let us know when booking.